Admo Products

The Material Used to manufacture ADMO products is pre painted, 55% Aluminum 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon alloy coated steel Sheet. Alloy compound becomes an effective protection layer on the steel base material to prevent penetration of corrosive factors. This material has a high reflectivity value making it an effective barrier against heat comparing to conventional products.

ADMO product range includes roofing, cladding, gutters and other accessories.


Admo Roofing

Admo roofing comes in 3 different thicknesses and in array of colors. It’s covering width is 2.5 feet and can be supplied in almost any transportable length reducing the number of joints in installation.

Admo Roofing

Admo Curved Roofing

From the traditional bullnose verandah to the soft sweeping curves of today’s innovative designs, curved roofing is designed to make an impression that really lasts. Year after year, curved steel roofing regularly features in architectural award winning housing and commercial designs.

Over the last decade structures designed with curved roofing has developed a unique affinity not only in complementing the look of the landscape but also in creating light, airy and spacious living environments for its inhabitants.

Admo also supplies relevant accessories such as Wall Flashing, Barge Board Flashing, Ridge Cover, Rib Cap etc. required in proper installation of roofs.

Admo roofing provides a complete solution for today’s construction needs.

Admo Curved Roofing

Admo Ever Roof

This new roofing design will soon revolutionize the metal roofing industry. This roofing type is today’s choice of architects & customers with modern thinking & who always preferred something different. This unique design is very attractive compared to traditional roofing & can only be obtained at ADMO showrooms.

Admo Clip Roofing

As a company that always added innovative products to the market, Clip roofing is another new addition to the roofing industry by Admo. This type of roofing has a broader section for the flow of water than the traditional metal roof available in the market.

Admo Clip Roofing

Admo Cladding

Admo cladding is another versatile product for modern steel structures such as factory building, warehouses, gate etc. Available in an array of shades to satisfy customer taste.


Admo Wall Cladding

Admo wall cladding is used for partitioning of buildings & as colorful wall coverings.

Admo Gutters

Gutters are available in 8 standard designs, in variable gutter-girths (12", 18", 24" & 36" ) and over 10 different shades of colour.Male-Female edges of Admo Gutters easily overlap and ensure a perfect fit preventing leaks. Also available Down Pipes, Bends and other gutter accessories for domestic and industrial application.

Admo Gutters

Admo Strip Ceiling

Commonly seen at all modern buildings & newly built fuel stations this latest ceiling is the choice of modern buildings & architects due to its sophisticated look, elegance & easiness to maintain & install. It can be obtained in 8 different colors at any ADMO showroom.

Strip Ceiling

Admo C Purling

Admo ‘C’ Purlins – another addition to superior quality Admo range of products is fabricated using High Tensile (450 N/mm2) Black iron according to standard industry specifications.

An item that’s commonly used in steel building systems and steel roofs comes to you in variable lengths to suit customer requirements and in three different gauges, 1.6mm, 1.8mm & 2.0mm.

C Purling


Roofing Accessories

Roofing Accessories

Gutter Accessories

Gutter Accessories
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